Disabled Access At A Glance

* Portable ramp to the main entrance
* Wheelchair user accessible
* Mobility scooter accessible
* Toilets for disabled patrons
* Guide dogs are welcome

Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Access
We understand that wheelchair accessibility is essential for individuals with disabilities, and we are committed to ensuring that our pub is accessible for everyone. As a result, we have installed a portable ramp that can be used to provide access to our pub’s facilities for individuals with mobility impairments. Staff members must ensure that the ramp is always available and set up in a safe manner.

Please ask a member of our staff and they will happily accommodate you. Or please let us know in advance of your visit, if you require any special assistance via our WhatsApp button below, or call 020 3750 2594.

Disabled Toilets
Our disabled toilet are located on our ground floor area, please refer to a member of staff for guidance.

Our Disability Policy

As a caring and proud local pub steeped in 350 years of history, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of our patrons. We have implemented a disability policy that relates to wheelchair access and the use of a portable ramp. This policy is designed to ensure that our staff are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide excellent service to individuals with disabilities.

Staff Training
All of our staff members are required to receive training on the disability policy and the use of the portable ramp. This training will include information on how to properly set up and use the portable ramp, how to assist individuals with mobility impairments, and how to ensure that all areas of the pub are accessible for individuals with disabilities.

Assistance for Patrons
Our staff members are expected to provide assistance to patrons with disabilities when required. This assistance may include helping patrons with mobility impairments to navigate the pub, carrying food and drinks to their table, and providing assistance with using the portable ramp. Staff members must always be respectful and patient when providing assistance to patrons with disabilities.

We understand that effective communication is essential for ensuring that individuals with disabilities have a positive experience at our pub. Our staff members are trained to communicate with patrons with disabilities in a respectful and inclusive manner. They are also encouraged to ask patrons with disabilities if they require any assistance or accommodations to ensure that their visit is as comfortable as possible. Please let us know in advance of your visit, if you require any special assistance via our WhatsApp button below, or call 020 3750 2594.

Continuous Improvement
We are committed to continuously improving our disability policy and ensuring that our pub is accessible for everyone. We encourage our staff members to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, and we regularly review our policy to ensure that it is up to date and effective. By implementing this disability policy for staff members of our pub, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service to all of our patrons, regardless of their abilities. We hope that this policy will help to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy.

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